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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Report my Begonia Rex

I sense that my begonia rex is more and more unhappy these days. Today I decide to examine it.

I take it out and within in my expectation, the roots are very weak and not developing very well. I have to repot it.

This is the soil mix I use this time. Last time I used more peat moss and potting soil. This time I make it grittier.

Almost equal part of peat, potting soil, pumice, red volcanic rock, black volcanic rock, perlite and vermicast. 

I love the feeling of touching soil. It’s so relaxing.

Add all the soil with the begonia.

Give it a through watering. I use the water from my rooting bottle that was old water safer for

Leave it at the best area for tropical plants a southwest outdoor corner without direct west sunlight. It’s cool and humid.

Hope it will live happily ever after!

Monday, June 15, 2020

My Dental Implement Ordeal II

This post was supposed to post on 2013, but it was somehow on draft, and I post it now to record one of my darkest period in my life.

As I mentioned in my last post that I was recovering. But things turned down hill a week ago after I went to a kite flying session with my daughter. In the night of the day, my half throat, ear and somewhere in side my cheek I think angrily inflamed. My ear was full and my half head and throat were in pain. I was totally in panic and didn't know what was going on.

Night time was most miserable because the fullness of my ear made me feel suffocating and awoke. The ear was so bad till the point that I heard ringing sound.

I went from A & E to ENT specialist, all the doctors told me that everything was fine, my sinus and throat was health and the fullness of ear will go away. I took all the medicine that I have never taken in my life such as nose spray, steroid tablets, decongestant and antihistamine. My condition was sometime ok and sometime really bad. The worst thing is I am extreme tired, but I cannot sleep because of the unbearable uncomfortable in my left ear.

In the middle of the sleepless nights, I stood in my balcony and looking into sky and wondering why all this happened. Is God trying to send me a message? I have never had such difficult time in my life. I really wanted to just jump down from the balcony if without my family and my daughters. Living was meaningless with such horrible disease.

What was really went wrong? Looking back, I was so simple minded to jump on the dental implement bandwagon. My implement doctor is a very nice and thrusting surgeon. But she never explained to me in detail what the surgery was like. I don't even heard the term "Sinus Lift" from her, She just told me that she will put some bone under the sinus which I thought was the bone under the missing teeth. I asked her what will happen if something is wrong. She just simply said that if there were infection, the surgery will fail and everything will be back to my current status. I never thought that she will enter my sinus and actually broke a bit of my sinus membrane during surgery. Only after the surgery was finished and I sit on the surgery bed that  I realized that I made a mistake that I should not go such a hush treatment. But it was too late.

All along I have some nose issue. I am allergic in the morning and will wake up sneeze a bit. But the allergic reaction usually last for half an hour. In the day, I normally have no problem if I didn't touch dusty things or suddenly go in and out of cold and hot places. I do have three times feeling a bit of ear fullness. But they went away very quickly within 2 to 3 days.

I never expected that these problems went full balloon when after my Sinus Lift procedure. I have non stopping running nose, drainage from mouth and ear fullness. I didn't know what happened and was scared to death. Initially, my doctors thought was infection and gave me so much antibiotics. Only till very late they realized it was actually some kinds of sever allergic reaction.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Making a Drink from Lemongrass Pandan Leaves and Kaffir Lime Leaves

My lemongrass, pandan and kaffir lime grow crazily fast. I have to tidy them up very often. In order to throw away the cuttings, I use them to make a delicious drink with a lots of health benefits. Go to Google the health benefits.

This what I harvested.

This is the tea I made. 
The steps to make the tea are:

First wash them throughly.

Cut out the lemongrass roots. Smash them so it’s easy for them to release nutrients.

Make knots  of long lemongrass leaves.

Make knots of pandan leaves.

Pick the leaves from kaffir lime cuttings.

Put all of them into a pot.

Add a lot of water to cover them.

When it is boiling, turn to smaller fire. Cook 1 to 2 hours.

Pick the leaves out when it’s done.

This is the drink.

Add some rock sugar and honey for taste.

Pour them into glass bottles and keep them in fridge when they are cool.

Add some ice to drink. It tastes really delicious something similar to chestnut drink.

Not finished yet, don’t throw away the part with roots attached.

Plant it to have more leaves.

You can also try to root kaffir lime cuttings:

Have fun and enjoy reading!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

An Easy Neat Compost Making Method for Small Space

I would like to introduce a very easy and neat compost making method from kitchen waste with a small garden or in an apartment.

  1. Collect your today’s waste

Chop them to make small pieces 

Prepare a flower pot and soil, lay a layer of soil on the pot

Lay the waste on the pot

Cover the waste with soil

Cover the wastes fully with soil to prevent attracting from insets.

If you have old compost containing good worms such as earth worm or millipedes, it’s best to add them in.

I found that these worms will find way to go into the compost pot somehow even if you don’t add them.

Final step is to put a plant inside the compost pot so your garden doesn’t look ugly.

You can also use it as a vegetable storage area to store cabbages the best. There are three main benefits this way: first saving fridge space, second helping eliminate pesticides when left them under rain, third keeping the cabbages fresher.

When one pot is full, you can start another one. After about 3 months, the compost is ready. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Gardening as my new Lifestyle

As I moved to my new home with a front and backyards, I need to spend some time to do gardening.

As all gardeners know, it’s such a rewarding and calming activity. I really enjoy it.

This is my front yard.

This is part of my backyard.

 I still need time to take time out from working with my daughter on her cello to make them into a better shape. 

While I was tidying up my over growing Indian Borage, I tried my version of Indian Borage tempura. It’s really delicious and easy to make,

The recipe is described as below. Indian borage is extremely easy to plant. Just poke a cutting into soil it will survive at 99% rate with water and a bit of sun.

Now you get the delicious tempura. The Indian Borage tastes very similar to green chili, but without spicy taste. It’s good for children.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Cheating Doctor Goh Bee Tin

If you think we should show the relevant authorities that such unscrupulous conduct should be punished, please sign the PETITION LETTER.

Dr. Goh Bee Tin 
People who have followed my blog and friends often asked me when I will be able to do more paintings after I stopped painting almost 4 years ago. I am still not sure when I am able to do it. I cannot sustain the physical demand of painting which requires long hours of working after a dental surgery 4 years ago. My left neck, down to my left shoulder and leg are in constant pain and I feel tired easily and need to rest often.

I have talked about the surgery in my blog before, I never mentioned that in my opinion I was cheated into doing the surgery. I was told and understood to do a dental surgery "bone graft surgery" but Goh Bee Tin my dental surgeon actually performed on me another much more invasive surgery "sinus lift". All I was told by her was an ordinary tooth bone graft surgery. At the last minute, I was still googling whether I should go for "tooth bone graft" surgery which was very different from "sinus graft" or "sinus lift" the surgery she performed on me. I never realized that she secretly went into my sinus and inserted bone graft inside my sinus. If not that I developed a severe reaction later due to my highly sensitive nose problem, I would never realize what she had done to me.

I complained to the relevant authorities about the unscrupulous conduct of Dr. Goh yet all of them maintained that there was no misconduct. The current director of NDCS Poon Choy Yoke even said that it was "entirely appropriate".

Before the whole thing was forgotten, I feel that I should at least record down my experience so that it was not wasted and it may serve some purposes as there were reasons such thing happened. It may also help general audiences there to identify any inappropriate behavior from their medical professionals or even serve as a good example in the textbook of how a senior doctor cheats. 

The tactics used by Dr. Goh Bee Tin on my case includes but not limited to:

[1]. Refrain from revealing the real surgery name. It is obvious nowadays if you are given the right surgery name, you would know everything. Dr. Goh Bee Tin must know very well about it and never told me that my surgery is simply called "Sinus Lift" or "Sinus Graft". She just told me that it was bone graft. She argued that she doesn't like to throw jargon at her patients.

[2]. Avoid drawing attention to where the surgery actually performed. Dr. Goh even forwent the important and detail checking on my sinus and nose health status which is critical to the surgery. As she told me later in her email that she would make referrals of her patients with sneezing problem, yet my severe chronic sneezing problem was never brought up in any of the discussions because there is no any slight awareness fro me that the surgery is related to sinus.

Why such a senior doctor failed to make me bring out my serious nose and sinus sensitive problem which was known to everyone close to me? Why other patients would tell her their sneezing problem and I didn't?

[3]. Hide the surgery name. Finally when inevitable that I need to authorize the surgery, she tactically hid the surgery name with a string of long upper case internal surgical terms. 

She used


"MANIDLE, ALVEOLAR..." blah blah has nothing to do with the sinus lift surgery.  Did she get away just because she put the small "sinus lift" at the end?

[4]. Manipulate the consent form and signing process. If you look at the consent form, it's valid for 3 months and the 1st part of the 1st page should be filled by the patient or guardian, etc. 
1st Page of the Consent Form
However, Dr. Goh asked me to sign the consent form at the last minute just before the surgery and signed in a very private room only between me and her. Even more ridiculous she didn't show me the 1st page of the consent form. She only showed me a piece of paper with only words without any diagram such as:
2nd Page of the Consent Form
She secretly filled the 1st page all by herself and claimed that she explained the content to me. During the entire signing process, she didn't utter one word except "you need to sign the consent form". There was absolutely no witness. She only said something "If you need to sneeze open your mouth" when we were walking out of the small room. I never saw the 1st page of the Consent Form. I only got a copy of it recently from court documents. From the form, you can see that she filled everything.

I developed a severe reaction to the bone graft immediately after the surgery. It ruined my left ear and neck and gradually causing my back and left leg pain. I was not able even to read bedtime stories to my young daughter for 2 years.

When I asked her to remove the bone graft, the most horrific thing was that she left the majority of the bone graft still inside my sinus in a 2nd surgery and claiming she had removed 95% to 98%. It caused continuing unbearable pain and great confusion. Only after more than half a year later I was finally clear I had to go to do a 3rd surgery to remove the remaining graft. The fiasco caused permanent terrible damage to my health from a perfectly healthy person.

If not of my young daughter I wonder if I could live till today. 

I hope the whole episode serves some useful insight to us an entire society so that it would not go down to the drainage and be wasted.

If you think we should show the relevant authorities that such unscrupulous conduct should be punished, please sign the PETITION LETTER.

Monday, May 16, 2016








“The hero of my tale, whom I love with all the power of my soul, whom I have tried to portray in all his beauty, who has been, is, and will be beautiful, is Truth.”
– Leo Tolstoy

Thursday, May 12, 2016

康复 42 ---- 尾声 爱之梦












Wednesday, May 11, 2016

康复 41 ---- 新生活









其实,她想她应该感激这个女人,如果不是这场手术,她又怎能与修竹相知相爱? 想到这里,她毫不犹豫地拿出来那个小瓶,递给志钢说,你拿着吧,她不用道歉,我与她己无任何关联,你劝她好自为知,不要再害别的病人就行了。







康复 40 ----- 章宜监狱





好啊,紫晶搂住书月,不知道子扬会有怎样反应呢? 两个女人高兴得跟孩子一样。